Callebaut Recipe 70/30 Dark Chocolate Block 1lb.



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Exceptional flavor and appearance starts with using quality ingredients. Use this Callebaut Recipe 70/30 dark chocolate block to bring an indulgent chocolate flavor and an optimal shine and snap to your confectionaries! This Belgian dark chocolate block features an intense roasted cocoa body with bitter notes and hints of fruit, making it an ideal ingredient for boosting the rich chocolate flavor in your creations. The chocolate's roasted notes, acidity, bitterness, and sweetness all blend together perfectly to deliver a complete, balanced, and consistent flavor profile that ensures the chocolate's taste will work across different applications and with a wider range of flavors and ingredients. Because the chocolate features a lower fluidity, this block is great for achieving a perfectly smooth texture in creams and sauces. 

  • Belgian chocolate with a complete, balanced flavor profile featuring an intense cocoa body and bitter notes
  • Features a lower fluidity that is perfect for molding and enrobing
  • Can also be used to make ganaches, cremeux, and mousses
  • Made from a blend of sustainably-harvested, traceable cocoa beans
  • All Callebaut purchases support West African and South American farmers and their communities
  • Photo is a 11lb bag. We prepackage Dark Chocolate Block into 1lb container.

Cacao: 70.5%
Fat: 39%
Fluidity: Medium-low

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